Healthy Families Florida (HFF) moved to a “one-step” eligibility process for engaging and enrolling families in HFF services.

 What does “one-step” eligibility mean?

Beginning on July 1st, families referred to HFF by the following sources are eligible for services:

  • Families with a positive prenatal or infant risk screen, including those families referred through Connect (CI&R)
  • Families who are referred to HFF by a community partner or provider and who score positive on the HFF record referral screen
  • Families who are referred by a state agency or partner serving at-risk families, including DCF, DJJ, CBCs and local law enforcement CPIs (in counties where law enforcement officers conduct child protection investigations)

Are there still age limits and zip code restrictions?

Yes, HFF will still serve families who are pregnant or have an infant up to three-months old and who live in the neighborhoods or zip codes that the local HFF site serves.

What will happen when families are referred to HFF?

Local HFF sites who receive referrals will start by determining family eligibility for services. This will include reviewing the screen or referral for a positive score, reviewing the initial intake information shared through CI&R, and/or reviewing family information provided by a referring partner. It may also involve contacting the family for additional information.

Families who are determined eligible will be offered the opportunity to participate in HFF’s voluntary services. Our goal is to have the first home visit with a family as soon as possible after determining that they are eligible for the program.

What about the assessment process and the child protective services (CPS) check?

The Healthy Families Florida Assessment Tool (HFFAT) and CPS check will happen after a family enrolls in the program. The results of the HFFAT and the CPS check will be used to create an individualized service plan and determine the intensity of the program for each unique family.

Does this mean that HFF can now serve families who are receiving CPS services at eligibility?

Yes, families who have an open CPS case and are receiving case management services at the time of referral will be eligible to participate in the HFF program.

What does this mean for CI&R?

HFF will provide an updated description of the program for use by CI&R staff when offering home visiting program options to families. Local HFF sites will work with each Healthy Start Coalition to ensure that local decision trees are updated and that the CI&R team receives training and updates about this change. On a state level, the HFF central administration will work with the FAHSC team on changes needed to ensure that CI&R can effectively refer families to the program.

Pasco Kids First is the lead agency for the Healthy Families Pasco-Hernando Program (HFPH).   Contact HFPH Program Manager Dana Selfridge at with any questions or concerns regarding this update.