SAFE Program



The SAFE (Sexual Abuse Forensic Examination) Program provides medical assessment to adults when there are allegations of sexual assault. These examinations are free and can be requested with or without law enforcement involvement. The exams are conducted to secure evidence and provide the survivor with needed medications as well as victim advocacy and support.

What is the SAFE exam process?

Before the exam, all aspects of the exam will be thoroughly explained and reviewed with the survivor. The SAFE examiner will also provide information about sexually transmitted infections and offer needed medications. A pregnancy risk evaluation and emergency contraception will also be covered during the exam and any injuries sustained by the survivor will be documented. The SAFE examiner works in conjunction with law enforcement and the Victim Advocate to ensure the best possible outcomes for survivors.

Who conducts SAFE exams?

SAFE examiners (nurse practitioners) meet specific qualifications and are trained on the completion of evidence collection exams with adults. They are responsible for completing the Sexual Assault Forensic Exam which results in a written report given to law enforcement on reported case situations. Examiners make every effort to report to the SAFE Exam Office or Emergency Room within one hour of receiving the request for services. If the survivor has reported to Law enforcement, the SAFE examiner is also responsible for coordinating with the Victim Advocate to ensure all needed.

Where do SAFE exams take place?

SAFE exams are provided in Land O’ Lakes and at St. Leo University depending on which is closer for the survivor.  Exams are also conducted in various emergency rooms if the survivor is not able to go to an office listed above.