School Bus Safety
Many injuries occur getting on and off the bus and as a result, school bus safety is one of the many things parent need to review with their children before the start of the new school year.  Here are some tips to keep your kids safe as they get on and off the school bus:
  • Kids need to stay 10 feet away from the front or back of the bus, which enables the driver to see them
  • Kids need to arrive at the school bus stop at least five minutes before the expected arrival of the bus
  • Children should stand at least three giant steps back from the curb and never move towards the bus until it has completely stopped and the driver has opened the doors
  • Children should avoid horseplay while waiting for the bus
  • Younger children are recommended to “always use the handrail” when boarding the bus
  • Parents should teach their children to check their backpack straps, drawstrings and any loose clothing items that can get caught on the bus handrail, door or seats.
  • Parents should instruct their children to keep bus aisles clear or backpacks and books
  • Children should only get out of their seats once the bus came to a complete stop
  • Children should make eye contact with the bus driver before crossing the street after they get off the bus

Courtesy of Prevent Child Abuse Florida