Three VPK classes of  Primrose School at Collier Parkway took field trips to Publix to buy food items for other kids in need. Each class of 15-21 children took turns boarding the Primrose bus and were given $100 and a shopping list.  They went lane by lane at the Publix of Collier Parkway in Land O’Lakes choosing items to put in their cart with a sign that stated “We worked for weeks doing chores for change so we could go shopping for Pasco Kids First.”

The school has held a food drive for the holiday for Pasco Kids First for the past two years with the students bringing in items they collect from home. In the days that follow, the children and teachers discuss how food banks and shelters help people in their community. Each activity supports the lessons at the heart of the Caring and Giving Food Drive: compassion, citizenship and giving without expectation. This year’s donation was more than $500 of food goods.

“At Primrose, we believe who children become is as important as what they know,” said Gloria Julius, Ed.D., vice president of education for Primrose Schools. “Our goal is to help children develop a love of learning, but also encourage them to be kind people who naturally show caring and empathy toward others.”

A growing body of research shows that children as young as 6 months old can begin to demonstrate outward signs of budding empathy skills. However, in a recent national survey sponsored by Primrose Schools, more than half of parents indicated that they feel their child did not or will not acquire honesty, generosity and compassion (54, 54 and 62 percent, respectively) during their early education experience.

“We can nurture positive character traits earlier than many people think – that’s why we incorporate character-building into daily experiences starting as early as our infant classrooms,” said Dr. Julius.

The Caring and Giving Food Drive has been a part of the Primrose-exclusive Balanced Learning® approach for more than a decade. Visit to read more about the food drive and tips for encouraging empathy, selflessness and generosity in young children.

Pasco Kids First is a non-profit organization serving Pasco County for 30 years with the mission to keep kids safe and strengthen families.  In 2018, Pasco Kids First served 1,473 children at the Children’s Advocacy Center through child abuse assessments or therapy services. The Healthy Families program provided educational home visits to 252 families with 461 children.

“We cannot thank Primrose School at Collier Parkway enough for their partnership to help us provide food to families during the holidays”, stated Becky Bennett, Director of Development. “Many kids receive their main meal at school and this allows caregivers to not have to choose between the extra groceries needed or bills while the kids are out of school”, stated Becky Bennett, Director of Development.

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