Pasco Kids First Sexual Abuse Forensic Examination

January’s featured #PKFMISSIONMONDAY Program is Pasco Kids First’s Sexual Abuse Forensic Examination (SAFE) Program. The SAFE Program is vital to law enforcement for the collection of forensic evidence involving alleged sexual assault of adults. Examinations are generally provided in Land O’ Lakes. More recently, a site location was developed in Saint Leo through a partnership with Saint Leo University to assist survivors living on the east side of the county. Pasco Kids First employs contracted APRNs who provide this service to survivors at any time as needed.

At the time of exam, survivors are offered Victim Advocacy services through either Sunrise of Pasco County’s Sexual Assault Program or the Pasco Sheriff’s Office Victim’s Advocacy Unit. A survivor may also be evaluated without reporting to a law enforcement case for medications and general well-being, which is called a non-reporting exam.